Killing Season (Johnson)


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I defy anyone to sit to the end of this one. Plenty of starpower with Travolta and de Niro, but it's a pretty pointless exercise in the end. Kovac (Travolta) looks up retired colonel Ford (de Niro) in the American wilderness years after they were on opposite sides in the Bosnian war. He's out for revenge.

Ford spends his days listening to Johnny Cash and reading Hemingway (as men do), trying to forget painful memories of war and destruction. Kovac tricks him into believing he's in the area for trophy hunting. A trite prologue to the cat and mouse chase across the wilderness ensues with the two drinking and sharing stories in Ford's cabin. Sadly, it's poorly written with obtrusively obvious double-talk from Kovac (he says offering liquor to de Niro is "returning the favour" after having been invited to dine, and speaks of karma).  When Kovac reveals his true identity, a cat and mouse game across the wilderness begins.

Even as a 90 min movie, this one is far too long. The chase gets ridiculous fairly quickly, and quite frankly the Johnny Cash recording played early on is the only redeeming quality this film has. The direction is mangled with far too much movement of the camera, and Travolta's character is irritatingly verbose, spewing lines like "You are lucky, my country is beautiful, but there is an invisible layer of blood caked over everything" in an inconsistent foreign accent going everywhere. 

Do yourself a favour, don't watch. I am such a fan of de Niro that even if he did a music video with Justin Bieber, I would probably watch it, but this was tough getting through.

IMDB's: Robert de Niro, John Travolta, Killing Season, Mark Steven Johnson