Fargo (Coen, Joel & Ethan)


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So you concoct a plan to hire criminals to kidnap your wife and split the ransom with them. Maybe get really cute and tell them the ransom is 80k, while you tell your rich father-in-law that the kidnappers are asking for a million. That way, you get to keep a healthy chunk for yourself. What could go wrong, right? Right. Auto salesman Jerry Lundegaard, an all-time performance from William H. Macy, tried it and found out. If you watch the Coen brothers' Fargo, you can too - and you should.

The grotesque hilarity that ensues is one of the funniest, in a very dark way, sequences of events ever to make it to the big screen. The way Jerry's situation goes from bad to worse to even worse and beyond in a tour de force of bizzarro and deadpan is priceless. The characters are very well drawn: investigating officer Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) - the most straight forward, down-to-earth police woman ever -, the spineless would-be criminal mastermind Jerry whose plan crumbles by the scene and the mind bogglingly empathy deprived kidnappers themselves are all involved in laugh out loud episodes.

The only thing harder than trying to determine who delivers the best performance here, is trying to make up your mind on what the greatest Coen bros movie is. McDormand got the Oscar, Macy got the "love of the people" and Steve Buscemi is so next-level creepy as kidnapper Carl Showalter. This is must watch.